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Climate and Environment Stories:

Enough ice melted in Greenland in single day to cover Florida in two inches of water

US Forest Service allows mining company to write its own environmental analysis: report

Trump administration reauthorizes use of ‘cyanide bombs’ to kill wild animals

Trump to make it easier for Alaska hunters to kill wolf pups and bear cubs: report

Canada bans whale, dolphin captivity


California is drought free for first time in seven years

Oregon officials start work removing barrels labeled with Agent Orange chemicals from bottom of lake

University of Nebraska to give free tuition to students of families making less than $60K

Mental health/Spirituality:

Alabama bill would undo ban on yoga in schools but prohibit ‘namaste greetings’

Ariana Grande shares ‘terrifying’ images of brain scan to show effect of PTSD


Infectious Disease Society says hydroxychloroquine should not be used to treat coronavirus patients

Boston declares racism a public health emergency, will give police overtime to community programs

Virginia lawmakers pass one of the lowest insulin price cap in nation at $50 a month

25-year-old dies on way to urgent care because emergency room wait was taking hours

Criminal Justice Reform/Prisons 

Court orders release of Black Michigan teen who was jailed for missing schoolwork

Pregnant mentally ill woman was ‘forced’ to deliver baby alone in jail cell, Florida public defender says

Civil Rights/Immigration

Civil rights groups sue ICE over medical care in detention centers

Woman who organized Black Lives Matter rally gets $2500 bill from mayor for police overtime costs

Felony charges dropped for 87 who protested over Breonna Taylor’s death outside Kentucky AG’s home

Colorado governor signs sweeping police reform bill ending qualified immunity, banning chokeholds

Muslim man denied green card after being detained, allegedly served pork: report

Women’s rights:

Indiana law going into effect Jan. 1 will require women to have ultrasound before abortion

Virginia rape suspect allegedly killed his accuser after being released from jail due to coronavirus

Voting Rights:

Video of 104-year-old’s early voting story goes viral: ‘Now I can die happy!’

Gun control:

Churches are arming and training congregants in response to mass shootings: report

Hundreds send flowers, raise over $24K for El Paso shooting victim’s funeral

More than 4 million students participated in lockdowns over 2017-18 school year: report

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