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This is Brooke. ^

Brooke Seipel is a digital content strategist with expertise in social media strategy and SEO, but most importantly she is a storyteller. A lot of people think there are two sides of content: the side that cares about the story and craft, and the side that cares about the numbers. As someone who found themselves in between the business and editorial side of their newsroom for nearly 5 years, Brooke learned that you can do both.

The digital landscape is flooded with constant content like never before, and Brooke’s goal is to help you reach your audience without sacrificing your message, using clickbait strategies, or getting swept away in the flood.

Brooke is currently doing this work with SeeBoundless, a tech lab and design studio with the motto: “Tell Stories. Help People.” SeeBoundless’s VR, 360 video, and other production work is inventing new firsts at the intersections of technology and storytelling — all while focusing on solving problems in climate change, education, health, and more.

Before joining SeeBoundless, Brooke worked as the Managing Editor of Social Media for The Hill in Washington, D.C. spending nearly 5 years at the newsroom in social media and editing roles covering the Trump White House, coronavirus pandemic, and other national news. Prior to The Hill, Brooke was an editorial intern at The New Republic and a local news reporter at The Orange County Register, where she covered North Orange County and did general assignment stories.

Brooke got her BA in Journalism from Azusa Pacific University, during which she spent a semester at Oxford University’s Jesus College. At Oxford, she studied international press theory and democracy and also took a course on Thomas Hardy’s literature (she recommends everyone read Rain on a Grave, Jude the Obscure and In a Museum).

Outside of work, Brooke likes to volunteer at the aquarium, is trying to read more, and spends too much time doing “the app dance” (jumping from TikTok, to Instagram, to Twitter, to FB, to email, then back to TikTok until 3 hours have suddenly passed).

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