My favorite issues from running Orange City News

These are the covers that I’m most fond of since I started covering Orange and Villa Park in September. Below each part are links to the full articles should you have an inkling to read some more.

Orange News Jan.6

In the above issue:

El Camino Real Park in Orange is hit for handball players

Villa Park tightens control over marijuana

Relics of Saint will visit a church in Orange

Nov. 11 part1
Nov. 11 part2

In the above issue:

Orange persimmon party is a peculiar tradition

Urth Caffe design gets okay from Orange officials

Orange events celebrating Veterans day

Lady Orange Column on housing developments in East Orange

Oct. 7 part1
Oct. 7 part2

In the above issue:

Orange group makes ceramic angels to commemorate events

Election sought for OUSD school district

Water District official testifies in D.C.

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