A recap of my Hoziest experience yet

IMG_0787A few weeks ago I got a text reading something like: “BROOKE text these codewords to 98.7 every 30 minutes for a chance to win Hozier tickets!”

The text was of course from my younger sister, the most Hozier obsessed human I know. As a solid older sister, I oblige and send in 10 different code-word texts to be entered to win Hozier tickets.

But these weren’t really just tickets. It was for a private concert  on the roof of the Redbury Hotel in Los Angeles.IMG_0816

And I won.

It feels good to win, especially when all you’ve been thinking about lately is the massive amount of debt you plan to drown in starting 6 months from now.


We not only heard Hozier, but we took a photo with him. Perhaps the best part for me was the Redbury Hotel’s amazing Dark and Manly which is a twist on the classic Dark and Stormy.

Me with the aforementioned drink donning my favorite flannel for Hozier.

Whiskey and ginger beer will always win the day.

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