The Myth of Meaningful Work TEDx Talk


This is one of my favorite TEDx Talks from TEDxAzusaPacificUniversity. I had the pleasure of helping one of my college professors plan our university’s first-ever TEDx talk. I helped with aspects of running the event day-of, organizing tickets and attendance, creating promotional materials, and a number of other tasks to prepare.

The above talk explores what meaningful work is and whether or not we can find it and bring it into our day-to-day lives. As a student who heard this while just approaching graduation and wondering how to get through stacks of applications and job listings, this talk resonated with me and reminded me that meaning is something we make and choose. It reminded me that our purpose and meaning is not tied to the job we do, but how we do things.

In a speech that highlights the significance and beauty of the mundane, Dr. Hartwig explains that we have authority over our lives’ meaning.

A great listen whether you are a dewy-eyed graduating college student (like I was when I heard this) or someone jaded with years of work.


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